Why is a study of leadership important?

Leadership of self, leadership within the family, school and at work, and leadership of society and its nations, all need servant-hearted people who are prepared to get involved, who can take the initiative and not just be spectators in the game of life. Control and command of oneself must be leant before it is exercised over others. In addition, many vital life-skills can be taught under the heading of leadership. If learnt, these skills can transform a life and give it purpose.


What sort of leadership skills are covered in "Learning Leadership"?

A large range of skills are covered including, how to give a speech, run a meeting and manage finances. Other skills are addressed such as entrepreneurship, strategic planning, handling difficulties, writing references, setting goals, and how to build resilience. The 80 units of study in the “Learning Leadership” series touch on many different areas of leadership.

How could I use the "Learning Leadership" series in my school?

Most schools have about an hour a week devoted to tutor periods, year-level periods and so on. Many schools have found the “Learning Leadership” workbooks give structure, relevance and purpose to these times. The “Learning Leadership” series can also be used in civics, ethics and many other social science classes. 


Does every student need their own copy of "Learning Leadership"?

Because the “Learning Leadership” books are workbooks in which a student writes and records their responses to the stimulus-response questions asked, each student needs their own copy of the “Learning Leadership” books. They also serve as a useful reference for students. For example, if they need to give a speech, they can quickly look up the steps needed to craft an excellent address.


Are the "Learning Leadership" workbooks good for girls as well as boys?

The “Learning Leadership” workbooks honour women as well as men, in leadership positions. The Series is one of the few that celebrates and acknowledges women in leadership. Therefore, ‘Learning Leadership” is ideal for girls’ schools and co-ed schools, as well as boys’ schools.


Does the "Learning Leadership" series meet any national curriculum guidelines?

The “Learning Leadership” series has been written for an international as well as national market, and makes use of leadership examples from many cultures and many eras. For this reason, it has not been mapped against or limited to any individual countries’ curriculum. Although hugely supportive of most national curricula, the strength of the “Learning Leadership” series is that it is free from mandated content. It allows individual schools a say in what should be taught to their students.


How do schools justify the cost of purchasing the "Learning Leadership" workbooks?

The cost of putting the “Learning Leadership” workbooks on a school’s booklist is no greater than the cost of a good text-book. This is despite the “Learning Leadership” workbooks being A4 in size, full colour and over 300 pages long. Experience has shown that parents and institutions are very willing to pay for a workbook that covers the topics found within “Learning Leadership”.


At what age should students be to get the most out of the "Learning Leadership" series?

The “Learning Leadership series has been written for students of secondary school age. Exactly when it is introduced into a school should be a decision for the individual school, and one that gives consideration to the maturity, needs and ability of its students. However, many schools have had great success in using Book One in Year 8 (14-year-olds), Book Two in Year 9, Book Three in Year 10, and Book four in Year 11.


How long does it take to complete the "Learning Leadership" series?

Each “Learning Leadership” book has 20 units of work. On average, each unit will take between 40 minutes to 80 minutes to complete. With most schools operating for about 40 weeks a year, a one hour or 50-minute tutor period a week can be completely filled using the “Learning Leadership” program.


How flexible is the "Learning Leadership" series?

The units of work in the “Learning Leadership” series encourage individual and group work. All units lend themselves to being customised and adjusted by teachers and tutors. The magic in any teaching resource lies in how a teacher uses and embellishes it.


How has the "Learning Leadership" workbooks been received in schools?

The testimonials given by many leading educators on this website speak for themselves. Experience has shown that the “Learning Leadership” series is popular with schools because it reinforces the school’s mission to provide a relevant and all-round education. It is also popular with parents who want their children to develop the skills covered in the series. The “Learning Leadership” workbooks are attractive to teachers because it helps them to fulfil their tutoring duties. It is also popular with students because they can see the obvious value of learning the many life-skills covered in the “Learning Leadership” series.