• Dr Tim Hawkes is an educator whose leadership I have admired for almost three decades. He brings a passion to the issue of student leadership and his extensive research, writing and professional development contributions are well known. Leadership is the key value add in education and often overlooked in the noise of educational debate. Tim steps into that gap with these resources and facilitates programmes within your school which can be tailored to the needs of your students.
  • Barker College used “Learning Leadership” as its core resource for its pastoral care program in Years 8-11. In a school committed to nurturing leadership, “Learning Leadership” proved an outstanding foundation. Staff and students alike drew on its material to broaden their understanding of what it means to lead in the 21st century. Carefully researched, visually-engaging and thought-provoking, the “Learning Leadership” series of workbooks offers young women and young men the resources needed to lead responsibly and well.
  • Our girls are craving personal development in leadership. They are now expecting to be active decision-makers in society. For this reason, they want the edge that "Learning Leadership" provides as they step into the outside world. Dr Tim Hawkes draws on a wealth of knowledge to meet that need. "Learning Leadership" honours woman in leadership, adds significant impetus to the development of their leadership skills, and provides an invaluable resource for the leaders of tomorrow.


  • Dr Tim Hawkes has spent a significant part of his distinguished career in education advocating for the development of leadership skills in young people. This commitment has gained expression in his creation of the outstanding “Learning Leadership” series of workbooks. In this unique course, Dr Hawkes brings the theoretical, historical and practical components of leadership together in an attractive and challenging manner for secondary school students. The course offers a range of insights into leading and following. Crucially, Dr Hawkes’ approach to leadership is that it should be servant-hearted. The “Learning Leadership” course is a wonderful resource for any school that is serious about wanting to teach essential life skills to its students.
  • The “Learning Leadership” series is an unparalleled resource that helps students developing a deep understanding of true leadership. The series addresses the skills necessary for leadership development including emotional intelligence, adaptability, communication and problem solving. “Learning Leadership” makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of just what is needed to develop more skilled and effective leaders for the future.
  • The “Learning Leadership” series written by Dr Tim Hawkes teaches the essential life-skills needed by every teenager. Tim, a recognised authority in this field, provides an engaging series of work-books that promote not just skills, but values, and he does this using the attractive theme of leadership. “Learning Leadership” guides teenagers in how to become responsible leaders within their community. This course should be placed on the book list of every secondary school.