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Tim Hawkes

Although an Australian, Dr. Tim Hawkes completed much of his secondary education overseas at King’s School, Rochester in England. He then moved to Durham University where he obtained his first degree, participated in the British Undergraduates Expedition to the Jotenheimen in Norway, and worked with opium and heroin drug addicts with the Society of St. Stephen in Hong Kong. After teaching at Loughborough Grammar School in England and receiving an Officers’ Commission in the British Army Reserves, Dr. Hawkes returned to Australia to become the Senior Boarding Master at Knox Grammar School, Sydney. Dr Tim Hakes

Dr. Tim Hawkes

In 1989, Dr. Hawkes became the Headmaster of St Leonard’s College in Melbourne where he served on the governing board of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and was the Founding Chairman of the Association of Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools of Victoria. In 1998, Dr. Hawkes took up the position of Headmaster of one of Australia’s most well known schools, The King’s School, in Sydney.

Dr. Hawkes has been a strong contributor to educational debate and is frequently called upon as a conference speaker both nationally and internationally. He has written Duty of Care, a certificate course in residential care, which is now a popular training course for boarding staff in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Dr Hawkes has also written the best seller Boy oh Boy, a book on how to raise and educate boys.

As a father of three children and as a teacher Dr. Hawkes is passionate about developing character and leadership in students. This has resulted in Dr. Hawkes building a Centre for Leadership Studies at The King’s School, and using this resource to develop leadership skills, not only in his own students but also in students throughout Australia.
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